Joanne Webber, MBA, BHRLR

Joanne Webber brings a wealth of experience in strategic business development in both the non-profit and private business sectors. Her expertise is in working with grassroots societies, cultivating relationships and transforming their vision into sustainable, vibrant organizations.

Joanne holds a Masters of Business Administration, and a Degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations. She possesses Certifications in Marketing Management, Industrial Relations and as a Career Development Practitioner. She has conducted analytical research focused on engagement specialization and is a recipient of President’s Awards for Fortune 500 and Multinational Organizations.


Joanne understands the power of community. Under her leadership there has been major shifts in support and strategic engagement to the organizations with which she works. She has held a broad range of management positions including as an Executive Director in the health sector representing a membership of 7000 physicians, and as a Business Consultant and Director, Business of Development and Engagement in the non-profit sector, working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside working in the non-profit sector directly with women living in extreme poverty and experiencing homelessness.


Joanne’s approach is to design strategies that call community into action. She has been an effective advocate for the needs of vulnerable women affected by socioeconomic inequities. With extensive experience in organizational management, operations, communications and marketing, and has led HR, policy and governance initiatives. She has a successful track record of developing and executing innovative approaches, advancing partnerships, and generating sustainable revenue through strategic engagement which has directly impacted bottom line metrics. Many of these achievements have transpired by building on the collective passions of grassroots movements.


Joanne’s most important asset is her ability to identify opportunities for greatest area of impact. She works from a principled foundation of integrity and respect and is genuinely interested in service to others.


Joanne believes we can only thrive by adopting a holistic approach to health by taking the time to understand the social determinants that affect our well-being and integrate this model to our life, work and our community.