Mission & Vision

Bridge for Health is a cooperative of changemakers. We have expertise on evidence-base approaches to change.


A safe, sustainable and healthy future for all.


Bridge for Health shifts dialogue and practices about health, from absence of illness to wellbeing, in the public and private sector.


Innovation: Fostering innovative strategies that improve health and wellbeing across sectors.

Collaboration: Co-creating system-level solutions in partnership with our clients and communities.

Bridge for Health Guiding Principles 

Health is a fundamental human right and we can all contribute to a safe, sustainable, healthy future. We view health as complex, dynamic, and holistic.

The Cooperative is guided by the following principles:

Empowerment: accessing and realizing personal and/or collective power

Engagement: actively involving individuals and organizations

Enablement: creating connections and positive patterns of interaction with ready, willing and able partners

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