Empowerment and Naturopathic Medicine

dr alexina blogBy Dr. Alexina Mettha

How is Naturopathic medicine different than Allopathic medicine and similar to it?

Naturopathic medicine is a complete system of medicine. It is comprised of diagnosis and treatment. Allopathic Medicine is also comprised of diagnosis and treatment. However, the one difference is our treatment options are many. Naturopathic Doctors and Medical Doctors are both Primary Care Physicians. Naturopathic Doctors also have the ability to write prescriptions if needed. I love the precision that is possible with Naturopathic Medicine. Individualized care is the focus and many options are available since we have many treatment tools. I say to my patients that everything has a time and a place, and wisdom is knowing when to use what.

There is a huge variety in the people who come and see Naturopathic doctors. Some people come because they are in discomfort with chronic symptoms. Others come to get a sense of what else they can be doing to be even healthier and happier then they already are. Athletes come to get advice about what supplements and eating plan will best support them. Mothers bring their kids in to help with eczema or trouble with focus or anxiety. Couples may visit to get guidance with having a baby. Busy professionals come to get a handle on the stress that is wreaking havoc on their body. Some come because they feel they are just not feeling quite right and don’t know why.

With all of these people, there is a common thread…a desire to feel better then how they felt when they walked into the appointment.

How do Naturopathic Doctors and Allopathic doctors work together?

Many of my patients choose to have both an MD and ND on their healthcare team. We work together to support the treatment prescribed by an MD, and also make recommendations ultimately based on what is the best for you and your available options.

Will my visits be covered?

Most extended healthcare plans cover Naturopathic visits. Best to check with your provider to be sure what and how much is covered.

Is Naturopathic Medicine cost-effective?

Absolutely. Our goal is to address the root cause of your health concerns, and when we do that the potential for saving on healthcare costs elsewhere is huge.

How can Naturopathic Medicine empower me to promote my health and wellbeing?

An action plan is critical when managing your health. We create a plan that makes sense to you. It is important to me that you understand what the process of healing entails and that you feel empowered when you leave your visit with me. I always let you know when I think you need to consult with an MD or a specialist of any kind. I believe wholeheartedly in teamwork.

In my practice keep in mind…

1. I work with where you are at and help you see and understand the patterns of disharmony in your health so that it makes sense for you.
2. I offer suggestions so you can understand what can help you to move on a path that will alleviate the suffering you are experiencing.
3. I provide you with inspiration and hope so that you know your symptoms are not who you are, but what you are experiencing.
4. I stand beside you as your advocate because I believe in your infinite potential.
5. I can often see patterns that perhaps you have not yet seen.
7. I am passionate in empowering you with solutions using nutrition, supplements, remedies, lifestyle counselling and a variety of different treatments.

Ultimately, I can show you a shift in perspective so that you see there is another way to work with your situation, which leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and in control of your health!

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