Bridge for Health Principles

Guiding Principles for Bridge for Health 

Bridge for Health is a start-op cooperative business that is based on reciprocity. We all have something to share with one another that enriches each one of us and also helps us grow as individuals and as a collective.

The underlying value we all share at Bridge for Health is that health is complex, dynamic, holistic and a fundamental human right; and that we all have different ways of contributing to create health and wellbeing.

Bridge for Health is guided by the following 4 principles:

Engagement: actively involving individuals and collectives in the production and co-creation of opportunities, processes and outcomes.

Empowerment: accessing and realizing personal and/or collective power to promote the psycho-social, political and cultural strengths of individuals and communities.

Enablement: creating connections and positive patterns of interaction that allow individuals and collectives to develop and grow by building on strengths.

Ease: supporting collaboration in ways that are self-organizing and organically contribute to the overall goals of Bridge for Health.