Social change is at the heart of promoting health.

By Paola Ardiles

Who are we?  

Bridge for Health was created in 2013 as a volunteer based network to foster innovative strategies that enable people to have more control over conditions that impact their health. Since its inception three years ago the network has reached people across Canada and abroad, and has evolved into an incubator of social innovation in health, with empowerment and community engagement at its core.

Our Goal

The co-op works with community organizations and businesses to co-design healthy social and built environments that promote wellbeing.  The ultimate goal is to support transformation of our society towards a safe, sustainable and healthy future for all.

Why a co-op?

Co-ops promote inclusiveness, collective leadership and shared ownership, all concepts that are core to promoting health and wellbeing. The co-op will focus on social innovation research and consulting.

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How to get involved?

Join the co-op member today!

Have a say in how we operate and grow.

Make an impact and join our research and consultant team or join one of our committees to help us sustain our efforts..

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