Marlies Casteleijn

marliesMarlies Casteleijn is a second year Health & Society Graduate student from the Netherlands who made health a central focus in her study career. After receiving her Bachelor degree in Political Science (with a specialization in International Relations & Global Health), her interest in health issues and health promotion grew. By looking at health from different perspectives (economic, political, sociological, and holistic) Marlies has developed an interdisciplinary view on health issues and promotion. Currently, Marlies is involved in the Bridge for Health Literacy Project, in which she conducts research with regard to upstream thinking in the health literacy field and the use of participatory approaches to increase youth’s (holistic) health literacy. Also, she is actively involved as a global partner in the Bridge for Health organization, in which she supports the evolving of Bridge for Health as a globally recognized organization in promoting holistic health promotion and citizen engagement.

Marlies is a very motivated, enthusiastic, ambitious and disciplined student who is extremely eager in learning as much as possible and gaining experience and knowledge. She likes working with people that inspire her and thrive for the highest attainable goal.

The Health Promotion field, with a special interest in (holistic) health literacy and citizen participation and empowerment/engagement, is where Marlies has currently most affection for.

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