Diana Leon, Contributor in Environmental Affairs

Diana Leon

Diana Leon

Diana Leon’s field of expertise is in designing information solutions to support the strategic decision making and analysis of data patterns. She has contributed in the implementation of systems to prevent money laundering, marketing and sales analysis, student and research pattern analysis, key performance indicators monitoring and others.

Diana is shifting towards a career towards environmental sustainability. Recently, Diana wrote an article about corporate sustainability that was published by her current employer, an international consulting organization. Also, Diana was a contributor in a sustainability assessment for a large company in BC.

Diana enjoys organizing and participating in different interdisciplinary teams: green team, social committee, Spanish, and French club at her current employer, 2 year volunteer at SPCA in BC. Diana is proud of being 2008 Champion of the North America Australian Football league, representing Canada.

Diana is a passionate woman with an enormous appreciation for nature who grew up in Colombia, surrounded by a loving family with great awareness for social justice and a profound respect for aboriginal culture.