Kayla Pompu MPH

Kayla Pompu has a diverse undergraduate education in human geography, French and secondary education. Having worked as a teacher in secondary and adult education, this career helped to develop Kayla’s skills in planning, evaluation, group facilitation, plain language and making learning fun!

With graduate studies in public health, Kayla has had the opportunity to combine both her personal interests in education and health to work towards improving the wellness of communities, with a particular focus on the healthy development of children. Much of Kayla’s work experience in the field of public and population health has centered upon supporting the unique health needs of First Nations and Aboriginal communities and advocating for the development of culturally safe health organizations and services. Kayla has also been involved in the development of continuing education opportunities for health practitioners in the Province, combining both her content expertise and project planning and management skills.

Kayla is pleased to be a part of Bridge for Health and is excited to see so many different professionals from various backgrounds come to work together.