Guillermo Abalos Barros M.A., Chile Lead

FotoBridge for Health is pleased to introduce Guillermo Abalos Barros, as the lead of Bridge for Health network in Chile in September, 2013! His vast experience and local networks uniquely position him to lead our resource and tool developments projects, as well as our partnership building efforts in Chile.

Guillermo has 23 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist and offers capacity building initiatives for various postgraduate programs in Chile. He has extensive experience in designing and delivering personal development workshops and training programs . His work caters to both public and private organizations interested in investing resources to address the health and well-being of their workforce. Guillermo facilitates the translation of knowledge to the hands of management and staff in the areas of : “Self Care and Stress Management”, “Assertive Communication and Teamwork”, “Management and Prevention of Addictions”, “Parental Communication to Promote Healthy Families”, “Conflict Resolution and Stress Management.” Guillermo brings a interdisciplinary approach to various settings, including the National Public Prosecutor’s Welfare Office, of the Ministry of Justice of Chile.

Guillermo received a Masters’ in Clinical Psychology, Jungian Analytical Psychology, Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile. He has done extensive research in Symbolic Expressive Techniques, Jungian Orientation. He studied Jungian Psychology in the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, 2006-2007, and also received a diploma in clinical hypnosis, through the Chilean Association of Clinical hypnosis by Dr. Ricardo Voss, 1998

Guillermo is a member of the Development Group and of the C. G. Jung Foundation of Santiago, Chile, since 2005.  He was also a member of the C. G. Jung Foundation, Toronto, Canada in 2006-2007, and Co-founding Member of “Human Phylogeny”, Santiago, Chile, 2012.

You can reach him at