Melanie McDonald MSW


Melanie McDonald is a social worker at the BC Cancer Agency.  In her role she facilitates mindfulness-based stress reduction, and relaxation programs for patients and families.  She works with an arts-based support group for parents and children living with cancer.  She provides counseling support and advocates for people to access appropriate services based on their stated needs.  She is also involved in a sustainability initiative across the health authority, on the sustainability committee for the agency and is also a Green Plus Leader.

Melanie has been engaged in health research and community development work for numerous years.  She worked at the Centre for Rural Health Research as a project coordinator for 2 years where she was involved in facilitating focus groups about childbirth issues across rural B.C.   She also worked with the Aboriginal Midwifery Project with the First Nations Health Authority to advocate for midwifery care in rural First Nations communities.  She worked in Ghana for one year with an organization involved in making health care and education more accessible for older adults.   She worked in Vancouver’s downtown East Side involved in a interdisciplinary community HIV clinic.  She has also worked with Coast Mental Health on the Mental Health Commission of Canada, At Home/Chez Soi project providing support for individuals who are homeless and living with mental health issues to get access to housing.

Melanie believes in health and wellness for all people.    She believes in creating the conditions to make a more sustainable and just world.  She regularly practices yoga, spends time in BC’s wild nature, goes sailing with her partner, attempts to nurture plants and enjoys good food with good people.   She has a close network of family and friends who she adores.