Orkan Okan PhD (c)

Orkan Okan is a former school teacher and now educational scientist and PhD student at the Centre for Prevention and Intervention in Childhood and Adolescence (CPI) which is allocated at the Faculty of Educational Science, Department of Socialisation Research at Bielefeld University in Germany. He is writing his PhD thesis on health literacy in the child and adolescent target populations. Besides health literacy, his main interests are scoping health promotion and socialisation related research questions especially concerning health disparities, SDOH, quality of life, mental health and well-being. He is engaged in national and international communication, networking and transfer activities, collaborative inter-sectoral action, synergy and capacity building, identifying relevant partners, and working in partnership with other networks and organisations where appropriate. Another area he is committed to is the acquisition of research funding. Besides, he has professional skills as software developer, and experience in teaching health literacy, digital literacy and media literacy to children and adults.