Bridge for Health is a start-up cooperative committed to social innovation to improve health & wellbeing. In February 2017, we were honoured to receive Simon Fraser University’s 2017 Coast Capital Savings-Social Impact Venture Award.

On March 7th, 2017, Shaw TV Vancouver aired an episode of the program EMPOWERED that featured our founder Paola Ardiles on the history and future of Bridge for Health.

Video 1 (focus on history)      Video 2 (focus on future)


Bridge for Health was originally founded by Paola Ardiles in 2013 as local Vancouver-based volunteer network to foster collaboration, knowledge-sharing and action to promote citizen engagement in health.

We are part of a global conversation about how psycho-social, spiritual, economic, political and environmental dimensions are impacting our health. We recognize that health is not ‘health care’, and health is more than just the absence of illness. Health is a complex, dynamic and holistic concept. It is a fundamental right, and each and everyone of us has a role to play in terms of creating healthy communities, schools and workplaces.

Bridge for Health quickly evolved into an incubator of social innovation in health, reaching people across Canada and abroad, through community and networking events, IDEA LABs, research projects and social media campaigns. It attracted both young and older generations of people from across various countries, backgrounds and disciplines.

Activities: Over the last four years we hosted local networking events/workshops in Metro Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto, and have partnered with Burnaby Public Library to host monthly community talks. We have supported various local and global campaigns related to health, via our social media that connects over 1300 people to date. In 2013 we launched our IDEAS LAB and initiated our first research project Moving Health Literacy Upstream with both local community partners and global experts.

In 2015 we developed our Wellbeing @ Work Model to support the design of healthy and sustainable workplaces. In 2016 we piloted tested the model in order to develop our Wellbeing @ Work Innovation Labs that applies a systems and design thinking approach to improving health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Bridge for Health Cooperative

Today we are building a service-oriented social enterprise to grow and sustain our work and promote social innovation towards health and wellbeing for all.

In early 2017 we launched our new cooperative association to support our social enterprise model.

Members & Partners

We have members and partners at the local, provincial, national and global level, and have created a core team, board of directors and global expert advisory group.



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