Wellbeing @ Work Innovation Labs

Bridge for Health has developed Wellbeing @ Work Innovation Labs as a training program for socially driven businesses that are interested in expanding their current social responsible practices to focus on improving health and wellbeing in their workplaces.

Our lab is based on the Wellbeing @ Work Model that focuses on the social and physical environments at work. B4H facilitates a equity-centered design approach to identify health-related problems and develop prototypes to test out solutions in specific workplaces. This approach enables the engagement a variety of stakeholders to gain an in-depth and common understanding of how to promote health in the workplace by addressing the root causes of illness at work.

We piloted the labs in 2016 with Surrey Board of Trade members to refine our model. In 2017, we are working with SESI, a leader in Brazil on occupational health & safety in the manufacturing industry.

Bridge for Health offers the labs to support the design of healthy workplaces, using systems thinking and a rapid prototyping model to spark some creativity to identify common wellbeing/health challenges and solutions in the workplace setting.












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