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Guiding Principles for Bridge for Health 

Bridge for Health is a start-op cooperative business that is based on reciprocity. We all have something to share with one another that enriches each one of us and also helps us grow as individuals and as a collective.

The underlying value we all share at Bridge for Health is that health is complex, dynamic, holistic and a fundamental human right; and that we all have different ways of contributing to create health and wellbeing. For more information on how you can participate please email today!

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Personal Details

To become a member of Bridge for Health Co-operative Association we ask for your personal details, including mailing address and email. You may be contacted by Bridge for Health regarding meetings of the co-operative, the AGM and other co-operative or member business. We will not share your personal information with any organizations or individual outside of the Bridge for Health Co-operative.

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    Terms of Membership

    I hereby apply for membership in the Bridge for Health Cooperative Association and subscribe for one lifetime membership share.

    I agree to the following terms:

    To support the aims and objectives of Bridge for Health as determined from time to time by the membership of the Association.To pay annual membership feesTo contact the board of Bridge for Health immediately, should I be unable to fulfill the obligations of membership.

    I have read and agree to the membership terms