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How does your workplace measure in these 6 different business practice areas?


























The main solution to workplace health issues to date has been the development of Employee Wellness programs, aimed to provide a variety of supports and services to help employees lead healthy lifestyles. They typically provide a basket of services including, but not limited to, occupational health and safety, fitness centres and disease management programs. The main focus of these services is generally to improve physical health, although with the release of the National Standards on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace in 2013, mental health concerns have become a top priority for employers.

The evidence is clear that investing in employee health & wellness is good for the bottom line. However, the burden of illness is growing every day. In fact, the latest statistics show that the estimated economic burden of illness and injury in the workplace is growing. The “typical” workplace wellness programs may help to minimize the symptoms related to illness, but they do little to nothing to address the unhealthy environment itself. Creating sustainable, truly healthy and inclusive workplaces requires looking at the big picture that includes the demographic shifts, policies, employee engagement and organizational culture. Paying attention to these six business practice areas and finding the root cause of illness will enable leading companies and organizations to hire and retain employees, and also have a positive social impact on the communities they serve.

Watch this video where Co-Founder Paola Ardiles shares her message about creating healthy and happy workplaces Healthy & Happy Workplaces Talk with tips on how you can use your business as a force for good health!


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