Talía Rivera Barrera B.A. Human Rights Advocate

Talia Rivera

Talia Rivera

Talía Rivera Barrera holds a Political Science and Public Administration degree from Mexico and Spain. She specialized in different subjects: democratic political systems, citizen participation, social movements, gender equality, minorities and political representation, human rights mainly for indigenous people and women.

She learned about human rights issues from her family, and especially from her father, who is a journalist who writes on the historical, cultural, social and economic characteristics of Mexico. She was born and lived in Guerrero state, one of the poorest states in the country with extreme social inequality for its people, in particular for women. Gender inequality, violence against women, discrimination, racism and unemployment, prevent women from exercising their rights and liberties.

After completing her studies, Talía worked in for a local public, institution Integral Family Development in Acapulco, where she assumed the position of sub Attorney for the defense of the rights of children and family, to monitor and guarantee human rights in the district.

In recent years Talía has been involved in different NGOs, such as the Simone de Beauvoir Institute (ILSB), Coordinator of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Women (CGMIA) and the Indigenous Youth Network for Women’s Health in Guerrero. These NGOs all work to foster human rights, especially for indigenous and Afro-Mexican women in Mexico.

Recently, she came to Vancouver to improve her English language skills and works for a local business.