Katie Fajber

Katie Fajberis is a Health Sciences student at Simon Fraser University, completing her BA in Spring 2018. Her passion lies in understanding how social and economic structures shape health and illness. During her degree, Katie interned at Destiny Foundation, a social enterprise in Kolkata, India that aims to empower women through skills-building and employment opportunities. Her understanding of empowerment as a tool for improving health was further developed as a participant in SFU’s 2017 Health Change Lab Cohort where she learned and applied human-centered design as an innovative way to approach complex health problems. Katie has diverse experience in teaching and facilitating, from working as a swimming instructor to running workshops and programs with the Canadian Red Cross and Big Sisters of BC. At the root of all of these experience, is the desire to work with others to promote health. Katie is excited to be joining Bridge 4 Health as a way to continue building healthy communities from the ground up.