Talal Jarrah

Talal Jarrah is excited to join Bridge for Health as the Assistant Manager. He is responsible for managing, coordinating, and assisting Bridge for Health members in their endeavours for the Co-op, including the development of B4H’s Wellbeing @ Work Initiative.

Talal has an extensive post-secondary portfolio that started with him entering Kuwait University’s Medical School after earning his IGCSE and AS Levels (High School) credentials from Kuwait English School. He completed his Bachelors of Medical Sciences in 2014 and was given the opportunity to conduct a nation-wide research study in Kuwait with his supervisor Dr. Reem Al Sabah. Talal then decided to pursue Public Health shortly after having experienced research work, even though his interest in public health started during his second year in medical school. As a Canadian citizen, Talal had the privilege to migrate to British Columbia in 2015 where he entered Langara College to pursue Health Sciences. After earning an Associates of Arts in Health Sciences degree in 2017, Talal transferred to Simon Fraser University as a Second-Degree student and earned his third degree (Bachelors of Arts in Health Sciences) in 2019.