Innovation for Gender Equity, Youth & Representation [Symposium]

An evening of talks and networking to generate discussions surrounding social innovation, gender equity & representation, and youth development within communities, in alignment with Bridge for Health’s Youth Engagement initiative and proud supporter of Women Deliver 2019 — the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century.

What does social innovation look like beyond Vancouver? How can we think global, but act local to support our own community? As we move towards progress and changemaking, how can we simultaneously promote gender equity & representation to reflect our diverse communities?

Bridge for Health is an international cooperative of changemakers. By shifting dialogue and practices about health, from absence of illness to wellbeing, we can mobilize the change towards a safe, sustainable, and healthy future for all.

Patrick Mwesigye (Team Lead of the Uganda Youth & Adolescents Health Forum) will be presenting his talk “Young People at the Periphery of Universal Health Coverage – A case of Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum”

Each presenter will share personal presentations about their work. The theme is “Social Innovation, Gender Equity & Representation, and Youth & Community Development”. Click ‘attending’ on the event to stay updated on our speaker announcements!

Tickets are free but limited – RSVP before they run out!
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Please email Larissa ( for accessibility requests or more information.

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