Wellbeing and Equity in Healthcare and Social Services – update

In December 2020, Bridge for Health embarked on a new project in partnership with the Public Health Association of BC and with support from the Vancouver Foundation  to better understand the challenges that emerged in long-term care, non-profits, hospital settings, and in-home care during/after the pandemic.  The Wellbeing and Equity In Healthcare and Social Service projects gave us insights on what service providers experience on a daily level in relation to their work, their faced fear and worry about the future, their health, the wellbeing of their families, and their ongoing commitment to the people they promised to serve.

We appreciated listening to the lived experiences of services providers to learn firsthand what would make their work life more fulfilling, joyful, effective, equitable, and safe. We are very pleased to be able to continue this work into 2023! 

Stay tuned for more updates soon.



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